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Comodo offer this unique opportunity to co-brand Firewall Pro to ISP's, Web-hosts and e-commerce merchants of all sizes.

Simply fill in the short form below and we'll automatically create a custom build featuring your company name that will usually be ready for download in 48 hours:

(This is the name that will be displayed
throughout the firewall)

(This will be used to create a unique file name for your build. For example: "yourcompanyname_CFP_Setup.exe", where 'yourcompanyname' is the setup prefix.
If the setup prefix is already in use then you will be asked to select another prefix.)
'Setup prefix' must not include spaces or any of the following characters:
'/', '\', ':' , '?' , '<', '>',

I agree with the Terms & Conditions of the Comodo Firewall Co-Branding Agreement

Firewall Available in about 48 hours

  • Fill out and submit the short form
  • Our servers automatically create your co-branded build in about 48 hours
  • As soon as it's ready, you receive an email notification containing a download link
  • Offer your co-branded firewall on your company website, place it on promotional and setup CD's, integrate into your existing offerings – the choice is yours!

Advantage of Co-branding Comodo Firewall Pro

Extend your brand recognition
Your company name is prominently displayed throughout the firewall. Promote your association with the leading name in internet security

Proven, award winning security product
Year after year, Comodo Firewall Pro has garnered praise from the public and security industry alike, including winning the PC Magazine 'Editors' choice and a 5 star rating from CNET. It is installed on millions of PC's worldwide, with over 55,000 new machine installations every day.

Expand your value added services
Offer your customers a co-branded firewall that seamlessly integrates with and enhances your existing product line-up

Fully Maintained by Comodo
All you need to do is host your co-branded firewall on your website or make it available to your clients via some other media (CDs, DVDs, USB device etc). Once it's installed, Comodo will take care of the rest of the product lifecycle, including software and signature updates.

No charges, set-up fees or contracts
Comodo is committed to the creation of a truly secure internet for all consumers and offers this co-branding service free-of-charge to any company that wishes to join us.

Your corporate identity on permanent display under the Comodo logo ...

... and also on the 'About' screen

About Comodo Firewall Pro

Best Firewall Distributor

What Is Malware?

Comodo uses the term Malware to define all malicious applications including:

  • Viruses
  • Spyware
  • Trojans
  • Rootkits

When you see the term Malware, it could be one - or more than one - of these terms.
Comodo offers Complete Antivirus and Firewall software that helps block Malware from your machine before it can install itself.
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