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Comodo Security Testing Software

Find out if your computer is vulnerable to attack

Comodo offers a range of downloadable tests that allow you to find out whether your computer is vulnerable to data theft and malware.

Comodo Parent Injection Leak Test Suite (contains 3 Tests)

The CPIL suite contains three separate tests especially developed by Comodo engineers to test a firewall's protection against parent injection leak attacks. More Details


Download CPIL Suite (To run: Download zip, extract contents to local drive then double click 'CPILSuite.exe')

Comodo HIPS and Firewall Leak Test Suite (contains 5 tests)

Comodo�s latest suite of tests cover a wider range of exploits and will tell quickly inform you if your computer is vulnerable to Root kits, Background Intelligent Transfer attacks and process injection attacks. More Details


Download Comodo HIPS and Firewall test suite (To run: Download zip , extract then double click 'CLT.exe')

Test your security to unwanted incoming connections:

In addition, we offer a free service that scans your computer's ports and identifies any vulnerabilities that a hacker could exploit so your data is secure from unwarranted incoming connections