Comodo Firewall + Antivirus

Comodo Firewall and Antivirus Release Note

Check here for the latest Comodo Firewall + Antivirus release notes.

Version 7.0.317799.4142: 17 April , 2014

  • Few Critical bugs are fixed in this release
  • FIXED! Alerts are blocked while there pending notifications - This may cause some users to observe blocked Internet, delayed alerts or sometimes freezes
  • FIXED! Downloaded documents could not be opened in sandboxed Office 2010
  • FIXED! Windows 8.1 update sometimes fail if Viruscope is enabled
  • FIXED! BSOD while manually uninstalling inspect.sys

Version 6.3.294583.2937: 24 September , 2013

  • NEW! PrivDog - A browser plugin that enhances the browsing privacy, performance and security
  • IMPROVED! Full Windows 8.1 Support
  • There are over 200 bug fixes in this release. Below are the selected few:
  • FIXED! Chrome and Dragon v28 and later do not work in kiosk/sandbox
  • FIXED! Malware bypasses HIPS and Sandbox while creating autorun entries
  • FIXED! Crashes occur while quick scanning on some computers
  • FIXED! Explorer hangs after CIS installation
  • FIXED! Copy/Paste now works while entering licenses in the license management window

Version 6.2.285401.2860: 12 July , 2013

  • FIXED! "Do not show this message again" does not work while updater is running

Version 6.2.282872.2847: 20 June , 2013

  • NEW! Advanced View feature for home screen
  • NEW! Multi-selection functionality on various grids
  • NEW! Search button in all relevant grids
  • NEW! Support for "Fully Virtualized" auto-sandboxing
  • IMPROVED! GUI performance while opening main dialogs
  • IMPROVED! Support for keyboard and touch screen
  • FIXED! Files from network shares cannot be added to trusted files
  • FIXED! Various compatibility issues related to virtualization
  • FIXED! Various issues associated with Comodo Cleaning Essentials

Version 6.1.276867.2813: 28 April , 2013

  • FIXED! Firewall slows down internet connection under some conditions
  • FIXED! Memory leak when firewall blocks the packets
  • FIXED! Antivirus does not detect some packed samples
  • FIXED! Windows XP boots very slowly
  • FIXED! Blank message boxes appear during program updates

Version 6.1.275152.2801: 17 April , 2013

  • NEW! Drag n Drop support in rule editors
  • NEW! View Connections dialog which shows active connections without having to install Killswitch
  • NEW! Ability to exclude files while restoring from quarantine
  • There are over 200 bug fixes in this release. Below are the selected few:
  • FIXED! cmdagent.exe consumes 100% CPU when the size of cache is big enough
  • FIXED! Sandboxed Google Chrome does not open Web pages if CIS and Bitdefender installed
  • FIXED! Matousec Fileacc1 test fails
  • FIXED! Malware can load drivers under certain circumstances bypassing the protection
  • FIXED! 100% CPU consumption while running certain .jar files real-time
  • FIXED! In Win8 x86, BSOD while scanning with CCE
  • FIXED! Online videos don’t display correctly in kiosk Dragon when full screen
  • FIXED! BSOD From Running Iobit Advanced SystemCare
  • FIXED! Sandboxed malware causes BSOD

Version 6.0.264710.2708: 30 January , 2013

  • IMPROVED! Compatibility between some programs and sandbox/kiosk
  • IMPROVED! Additional languages are now supported
  • FIXED! Virtual Keyboard can be intercepted by certain key loggers
  • FIXED! Advanced Settings Editor sometimes hangs
  • FIXED! BSOD or Black Screen on Windows 8
  • FIXED! Flash player plugin is erroneously auto-sandboxed
  • FIXED! MSN Messenger can’t start IE if IE is configured to run in sandbox
  • FIXED! CIS can’t run GB on Windows 8
  • FIXED! Web Browsers can't connect to the Internet when running in SandboxIE
  • FIXED! Files cannot be moved from unrecognized files to trusted files
  • FIXED! Realtime scanner doesn’t scan certain archives
  • FIXED! Cancel button sometimes doesn’t function in manage exceptions dialog
  • FIXED! Incompatibility with Wacom Bamboo Pen&Touch graphics tablet driver
  • FIXED! 'system' process is missing in running processes list
  • FIXED! Java won't start if Firefox, Palemoon, Dragon is running Sandboxed
  • FIXED! Comodo Firewall doesn't intercept HTTP packets for browser when installed Avast Free Antivirus

6.0.260739.2674: 19 December, 2012

THANKS! Comodo would like to thank the BETA testers and Comodo forum moderators, whose invaluable efforts made this release possible.

  • IMPROVED! The desktop widget now has common tasks pane and status pane which shows # of sandboxed apps, unrecognized files etc.
  • IMPROVED! Killswitch now shows the traffic per process by default (should be run as admin)
  • IMPROVED! Maximize window support added to relevant dialogs such as advanced settings, Quarantined items windows etc.
  • IMPROVED! Right click menu has been added to grids in relevant dialogs such as advanced settings
  • IMPROVED! Sound effects are used in alert windows to grab users' attention
  • IMPROVED! Log viewer has been redesigned to for CIS 6 theme
  • IMPROVED! Offline virus database update functionality - Import Virus Database feature has been introduced
  • IMPROVED! File submission and lookup operations have been introduced
  • IMPROVED! Reboot reminder alert has been introduced to various places
  • IMPROVED! Diagnostics download missing files from the Internet
  • IMPROVED! Error log in updater is now accessible for more information
  • IMPROVED! Web Browser Data Folders file group has been created so that it could be added to sandbox exceptions to preserve various browser data e.g. downloads, bookmarks, chrome apps etc (not added by default currently).
  • IMPROVED! Configuration editor and virus scanning operations can now be performed in safe mode
  • IMPROVED! Better keyboard support (press and hold ALT key to see options)
  • IMPROVED! Non-blocking grids with progress (e.g. trusted files, submitted files etc.)
  • IMPROVED! Trust connect integration reintroduced
  • IMPROVED! Upgrade to paid products is now possible
  • IMPROVED! Browse processes dialog has been improved
  • IMPROVED! Verbose mode for HIPS alerts added to configuration list
  • IMPROVED! Added an option to disable cache builder for antivirus
  • IMPROVED! Help buttons added to all dialogs
  • FIXED! Killswitch consumes too much CPU
  • FIXED! Killswitch does not exit properly
  • FIXED! Virtual Kiosk hangs in some computers
  • FIXED! Submission status dialog is shown during cloud scanning
  • FIXED! Browser home pages are changed to Yahoo after opting out
  • FIXED! Kiosk does not fit VMWare screen
  • FIXED! KillSwitch doesn't handle rating for processes which launched from network location
  • FIXED! Ping command doesn't work inside sandbox
  • FIXED! No 'Run in COMODO Sandbox' function in right-click menu before reboot
  • FIXED! KillSwitch doesn't allow blocking files
  • FIXED! Various fixes in Russian language translation
  • FIXED! CLT.exe running as 'Sandboxed application' is not placed in the list 'Show only Sandboxed Processes'
  • FIXED! cmdagent constantly accesses disk
  • FIXED! Behavior Blocker does not intercept some COM related operations for autosandboxed apps such as PCFlank leak test
  • FIXED! Windows 8 black screen of death on some computers
  • FIXED! Computer freezes after resetting sandbox
  • FIXED! Sandboxed bittorent doesn't function properly
  • FIXED! Sandboxed IE cannot browse certain web pages with flash support
  • FIXED! Sandboxed browsers leak memory on some flash based web sites
  • FIXED! Cannot sandbox Dragon/Chrome if an instance is already running
  • FIXED! Password protection doesn't work in UI and Kiosk
  • FIXED! Firewall creates popup alerts in Game mode
  • FIXED! It is not possible to set Chrome/Dragon as default browser when they run in sandbox
  • FIXED! CIS consumes too much CPU while applying actions in scan windows
  • FIXED! Smart screen window closes automatically in Kiosk on Windows 8
  • FIXED! HIPS does NOT stop screen capturing/keylogging when unknown apps run outside the sandbox
  • FIXED! CIS can't be started if cmdagent is disabled
  • FIXED! Web Browser option is missing in firewall alerts
  • FIXED! CIS alerts for shell32.dll after hibernation
  • FIXED! CIS shows undefined popup alert
  • FIXED! BSOD while running backup with shadowprotect
  • FIXED! AV alert freezes while applying some actions or being shown
  • FIXED! BSOD in kiosk during firefox update
  • FIXED! Firewall creates alerts with random process names for IGMP

5.10.228257.2253: 12 March, 2012

  • IMPROVED! Compatibility with other security suites is improved in Windows 7 x64
  • FIXED! BSOD when corrupted executables are loaded in memory in Windows 7 x64
  • FIXED! HIPS can leak process handles with a special set of access rights
  • FIXED! Smart scan crashes under certain circumstances

Version Version 5.9.221665.2197: 23 January, 2012

  • FIXED! Bug causing failed detections on stateful mode on non-NTFS volumes

Version 5.9.219863.2196: 19 December, 2011

  • NEW! Seamless Trustconnect integration: CIS now detects unsecured wireless connections and lets you use your trust connect account seamlessly
  • NEW! Smart Scan: We have introduced one of the smartest quick scans in the world based on COMODO Autorun Analyzer Technology.
  • IMPROVED! Malware deletion: Some files were not able to be deleted by CIS even after reboot
  • IMPROVED! We have moved some of the settings in from More->Preferences to their releveant sections in Firewall Settings etc.
  • IMPROVED! Dragon is included with CIS setup(Optional like GB)
  • FIXED! CAV causes some applications e.g. Nero to load too late

Version 5.8.213334.2131: 20 October, 2011

  • NEW! Simplified installation experience
  • NEW! Seamless integration with COMODO ESM 2.0 Business Edition
  • NEW! Enhanced protection mode: Defense+ is now stronger in 64 bit operating systems
  • NEW! New options for popup alerts and antivirus alerts
  • IMPROVED! Look and feel
  • IMPROVED! Resource consumption and performance
  • FIXED! Firewall does not work properly on Bluetooth PAN adapters
  • FIXED! Antivirus crashes on files that reside on bad sectors
  • FIXED! Various race conditions exploited by malware to evade Defense+
  • CMC is not show properly
  • Startup folders are not configured for all users

Version 5.8.211697.2124: 11 October, 2011

  • NEW! Simplified installation experience
  • NEW! Seamless integration with COMODO Endpoint Security Manager (ESM) 2.0 Business Edition
  • NEW! Enhanced protection mode: Defense+ is now stronger in 64-bit operating systems
  • NEW! New options for popup alerts and antivirus alerts
  • IMPROVED! Look and feel
  • IMPROVED! Resource consumption and performance
  • FIXED! Firewall does not work properly on Bluetooth PAN adapters
  • FIXED! Antivirus crashes on files that reside on bad sectors
  • Various race conditions exploited by malware to evade Defense+

Version 5.5.195786.1383: 4 July, 2011

  • IMPROVED! WEB installer now supports more reliable installation experience e.g. support for resuming broken downloads
  • IMPROVED! Program updater now uses a new updating mechanism which reduces the update size significantly
  • IMPROVED! Minor GUI fixes and corrections
  • FIXED! Various incompatibilities between BO defense and various applications(e.g. games, windows applications etc.)
  • FIXED! License manager does not work properly when system time is modified
  • FIXED! Various crashes related to the antivirus engine

Version 5.4.189822.1355: 10 May, 2011

  • IMPROVED! Installation experience on Windows 7 and later
  • IMPROVED! Realtime performance impact to the daily PC operations should be lower in this version
  • FIXED! HIPS doesn't block some actions that can be used by malware
  • FIXED! HIPS doesn't block modifications to the protected files under certain conditions
  • FIXED! Firewall sometimes blocks safe applications such as MSN messenger, Skype
  • FIXED! Some installers crash when CIS is installed
  • FIXED! Firewall does not detect MAC Spoofing although "Protect the ARP Cache" option is selected
  • FIXED! Firewall causes high DPC latency under certain conditions
  • FIXED! Antivirus crashes while scanning specially crafted .PST files
  • FIXED! Antivirus crashes after or during virus database updates

Version 5.3.181415.1237: 01 March, 2011

  • IMPROVED! Default maximum file size to be scanned has been changed from 20 MB to 40 MB

Version 5.3.176757.1236: 18 January, 2011

  • FIXED! CMC message is persistently shown although users close the dialog

Version 5.3.175888.1227: 12 January, 2011

  • NEW! Full IPv6 Support in firewall
  • NEW! Rootkit Scanner - Hidden registry keys, files and folders are detected
  • NEW! 5 skins from COMODO, including a native windows skin
  • IMPROVED! AV database updating - Virus DB size reduced significantly
  • IMPROVED! AV engine - fixed some bugs and added new detection mechanisms
  • IMPROVED! Cloud scanning is enabled by default in manual scanner now
  • IMPROVED! Installer - It now enables/disables windows firewall/defender during the installation/uninstallation
  • FIXED! CIS causes unnecessary DNS queries and update checks
  • FIXED! AV does not properly validate the revocation status of the SOME certificates
  • FIXED! AV scanning freezes if rootkit scanning is enabled
  • FIXED! FW shows too many listening connections
  • FIXED! AV scanning crashes on some compressed files
  • FIXED! CIS causes massive amount of entries in windows security audit logs
  • FIXED! AV does not validate the revocation status of the certificates in signed binaries
  • FIXED! BSOD in cmderd.sys

Version 5.3.174622.1216: 29 December, 2010

  • NEW! Full IPv6 Support in firewall
  • NEW! Rootkit Scanner - Hidden registry keys, files and folders are detected
  • NEW! 5 skins from COMODO, including a native windows skin
  • IMPROVED! AV database updating - Virus DB size reduced significantly
  • IMPROVED! AV engine - fixed some bugs and added new detection mechanisms
  • IMPROVED! Cloud scanning is enabled by default in manual scanner now
  • IMPROVED! Installer - It now enables/disables windows firewall/defender during the installation/uninstallation
  • FIXED! CIS causes massive amount of entries in windows security audit logs
  • FIXED! AV does not validate the revocation status of the certificates in signed binaries
  • FIXED! BSOD in cmderd.sys

Version 5.0.163652.1142: 11 November, 2010

  • NEW! 60-day GeekBuddy free trial with no obligation, credit card or strings attached
  • THANKS! Comodo thanks its beta testers whose feedback made this release possible
  • NEW! Spyware Scanner detects and cleans malware infections in PC registry and disks
  • NEW! Cloud based Antivirus detects malicious file even if virus defintions not up-to-date
  • NEW! Cloud based Behavior Analysis system can detect zero-day malware INSTANTLY
  • NEW! Cloud based Whitelisting of trusted publisher easily identifies a safe file and vendor
  • NEW! Game Mode to suppress alerts, updates and scans from interfering with gaming
  • NEW! Heuristic detection identifies real file behind requests of “interpreter” applications
  • NEW! Application Control for users to restrict execution to known good applications only
  • IMPROVED! Windows Compatibility from new Sandbox default application isolation level
  • IMPROVED! Application Compatibility with easily identified safe files and trusted vendors
  • IMPROVED! User Interface with new status allows instant user action to reported events

Version 4.1.150349.920 : 9 June, 2010

  • NEW! Sandbox button in elevated privilege alerts: Privilege elevation alerts now include a sandbox button to run installers in limited mode.
  • IMPROVED! Default security policy is modified so that outbound firewall connection alerts are shown for the unknown applications.
  • IMPROVED! Online Lookup: Defense+ now checks the applications online in real-time before automatically sandboxing them.
  • FIXED! Incompatibility problems with many applications(e.g. HD Speed, Autocad etc)
  • FIXED! Already submitted files can be submitted again under certain conditions
  • FIXED! Defense+ does not show protected registry key modification alerts for sandbox applications in Windows XP 64
  • FIXED! Windows System Restoration fails because of file sfi.dat
  • FIXED! Cfp.exe freezes while showing real-time virus detection dialog
  • FIXED! Antivirus crashes while scanning certain files

Version 4.0.141842.828 : 12 April, 2010

  • NEW! Standalone installers in addition to the web based installer
  • FIXED! ARP spoofing protection does not protect against certain attacks
  • FIXED! Automatically sandboxed applications can modify existing protected files under certain conditions
  • FIXED! Proxy authentication in updater settings does not work
  • IMPROVED! CIS is now available in 16 languages

Version 4.0.138377.779 : 24 March, 2010

  • FIXED! Defense+ registry protection misses some keys in Classes root hive
  • FIXED! Cfp.exe crashes while showing realtime virus detection alerts under certain conditions
  • FIXED! Cfp.exe sometimes shows wrong sandboxed process notifications
  • FIXED! Sandboxed IE8 can not save bookmarks
  • FIXED! Some virtualized programs do not read/write registry keys properly
  • FIXED! Some sandboxed applications do not disappear in active process list
  • FIXED! CIS4 does not handle RDP session switching properly
  • FIXED! Firewall rules can not be deleted under certain conditions

Version 4.0 : 03 March, 2010

  • What is new in COMODO Internet Security 4.0.x?
    THANKS! COMODO would like to thank all of the BETA testers who voluntarily joined the beta testing program and provided the feedback about the product.
  • NEW! Seamless Live Expert help Integration
    This version has a built-in Live Support for getting instant help from the experts for any type of problems.
  • NEW! New User Interface Theme
    A new user interface theme has been introduced with this version.
  • NEW! New Web Based Installer
    Now, there is a single setup file which downloads and installs the required products according to operating system the computer has. The product installers are created with Microsoft Windows Installer for native installation/uninstallation support.
  • NEW! Integrated Sandbox
    Proactive Defense i.e. Defense+ now includes a built-in sandbox which combines file system/registry virtualization and least-privileged user account principle in order to combat with unknown malware.
  • IMPROVED! Default Deny Protection
    Defense+ now automatically sandboxes all unknown applications/executables until they are analyzed.
  • IMPROVED! Significantly fewer number of popup alerts
    Defense+, with the help of new sandboxing technologies, has a more powerful default security policy while having significantly fewer number of alerts compared to previous versions.
    Also in this version, Defense+ and Firewall, by default, do not create automatic rules for already known safe applications.
  • IMPROVED! Popup alerts layout
    The new popup alerts now include additional options which allow the users to take COMODO Time Machine snapshots or set Windows system restore points, submit suspicious files for immediate analysis.
  • IMPROVED! Antivirus Engine
    Antivirus engine is improved for better detection and cleaning. The new engine now has disinfection support for the infected files.
    A new command line virus scanner (cavscan.exe) has been introduced in order to address the need for scanning the computers in windows safe mode or scanning files transferred from MSN etc.

Version 3.14.130099.587 : 1 February, 2010

  • FIXED! Defense+ File Protection can be bypassed under certain scenarios
  • FIXED! Threatcast registration fails in some 64 bit operating systems
  • FIXED! AV does not update the virus database properly under certain circumstances

Version 3.13.125662.579 : 28th December, 2009

  • NEW! AV engine was integrated

Version 3.13.121240.574 : 25th November, 2009

  • IMPROVED! AV engine now includes more advanced detection techniques
  • IMPROVED! Windows XP 64 registry protection has been hardened
  • FIXED! Defense+ does not handle object names properly (Reported by our forum member wj32)
  • FIXED! Defense+ does not protect against registry key ACL modifications (Reported by our forum member wj32)

Version 3.12.111745.560 : 18th September, 2009

  • FIXED! Removed some of the reasons that make AV to report false positives
  • FIXED! Addressed some bugs that cause intermittent crashes of the GUI and the helper service
  • FIXED! CIS causes high DPC latency after prolonged time of network heavy traffic

Version 3.11.108364.552 : 25th August, 2009

  • IMPROVED! Memory scanner now includes more advanced techniques to detect viruses in memory
  • FIXED! AV consumes huge memory while scanning some compressed files
  • FIXED! AV reports incorrect archive names under some circumstances
  • FIXED! AV causes freezes in 64 bit operating systems under certain circumstances
  • FIXED! AV crashes while scanning certain packed files
  • FIXED! Sometimes windows updates can not be installed while CIS is installed

Version 3.10.102363.531 : 7th July, 2009

  • NEW! COMODO Secure DNS is introduced as a new free service
  • NEW! COMODO HopSurf Toolbar - COMODO SafeSurf Toolbar has been discontinued and superseded by COMODO HopSurf Toolbar
  • NEW! CIS now allows the users to change the URL for the program and virus updates
  • IMPROVED! CIS now has a better support for Windows Security Center integration in Windows Vista SP1 and later
  • IMPROVED! AV engine now supports more archives and has better detection capabilities
  • IMPROVED! Direct disk access false alerts have been reduced
  • FIXED! Some applications do not run when CIS is installed in Vista 64 bit
  • FIXED! Antivirus scans excluded folders
  • FIXED! Firewall does not show some connections under high load
  • FIXED! Firewall sometimes causes the PC to freeze in windows XP 32
  • FIXED! cfp.exe crashes when HIPS alerts timeout

Version 3.9.95478.509 : 15th May, 2009

THANKS! Comodo would like to thank the BETA testers and the translators, whose invaluable efforts made this release possible.

  • NEW! Multilingual Support: CIS now supports other languages
  • NEW! Stateful File Inspection for Realtime Virus Scanner
  • NEW! Integrated In Memory Virus Scanner(i.e. Integrated BOClean)
  • NEW! Live Expert help is provided as a 30 Day Trial
  • IMPROVED! Default popup layout changed to the basic layout in order to encourage the use of it
  • IMPROVED! Stronger Defense+ protection: New types of defenses are added e.g. Clipboard logging, Keyboard input blocking etc.
  • IMPROVED! Keyboard and Screen access alerts are improved and number of false positives are reduced
  • IMPROVED! Stronger Defense+ protection while the Windows is Booting/Shutting down
  • IMPROVED! Stronger Default Firewall policy in order to better hide from attackers(Thanks to feedback from our forum moderator Ronny)
  • IMPROVED! Configuration Management window is changed
  • IMPROVED! Submission functionality for the Quarantined items added
  • FIXED! Avntivirus heuristics does not detect some files properly
  • FIXED! Defense+ BO protection incompatible with Spy Swepper virus scanner.
  • FIXED! CIS does not validate digital certificates properly
  • FIXED! CIS blocks some application from being executed
  • FIXED! BSOD while CIS is being uninstalled
  • FIXED! CIS does not detect some types of shellcodes upon a BO attack
  • FIXED! CIS erroneously reports buffer overflow attacks for some applications under certain circumstances
  • FIXED! CIS does not scan spcially created RAR files properly (first reported by Thierry Zoller)
  • FIXED! CIS creates duplicate file name entries for some protected file access alerts
  • FIXED! Right click scanner reports "Antivirus Engine is not initialized"
  • FIXED! Threatcast registration does not work properly(This bug caused some users unable to see TC statistics)
  • FIXED! CIS occasionally crashes while submitting the files
  • FIXED! CIS firewall drivers sometimes cannot be restored by the diagnostics utility
  • FIXED! CIS did not scan NTFS streams during manual scanning
  • FIXED! Windows Logon Screen is shown when CIS is installed under certain circumstances(Windows created a password bug)

Version 3.8.65951.477 : 26th Feb, 2009

  • FIXED! Applications do not run when CIS is installed in Vista 64
  • FIXED! BSOD in Windows XP 64 when NWLink protocol is installed
  • FIXED! Defense+ conflicts with certain security applications
  • FIXED! Firewall does not filter traffic on some dialup/adsl adapters
  • FIXED! AV crashes while scanning certain files
  • FIXED! AV Exclusions do not work

Version 3.8.64739.471 : 19th Feb, 2009

  • FIXED! AV engine crashes while scanning some files
  • FIXED! Firewall blocks all the traffic in some vista PCs when checksum verification is enabled
  • FIXED! Some applications consume 100% CPU while CIS is installed

Version 3.8.64263.468 : 12th Feb, 2009

  • NEW! COMODO Threatcast - COMODO's community based alerts statistics
  • NEW! Native Vista Firewall - Improved Firewall with Windows Vista enhancements
  • NEW! Native Vista HIPS - Improved HIPS compatible with Windows Vista enhancements
  • NEW! Buffer Overflow Prevention - Defense+ can now detect and prevent one of the most common attacks used by attackers: shellcode injection
  • NEW! Antivirus Heuristics: The Antivirus engine now includes heuristics scanning capabilities
  • NEW! Proxy server settings for AV and program updates
  • IMPROVED! Trusted software vendor list is expanded, capable of detecting thousands of applications generically without any signatures
  • IMPROVED! Revised AV engine - AV engine scanning and updating speed increased significantly
  • IMPROVED! File submission engine has been redesigned

Version 3.5.57173.439 : 3rd Dec, 2008

  • FIXED! Defense+ does not prevent process access in memory
  • FIXED! Defense+ does not properly protect some processes in Windows XP 64-bit
  • FIXED! Signed executables could not be recognized in 64 bit operating systems
  • FIXED! AV updates does not work in Windows Vista under certain circumstances
  • FIXED! Windows security center still reports CIS after un-installation
  • FIXED! Cmdagent.exe crashes while being uninstalled in Windows Vista/XP 64-bit

Version 3.5.55810.432 : 18th Nov, 2008

  • FIXED! AV updating does not use internet explorer proxy settings
  • FIXED! Defense+ does not protect WOW3264 registry keys
  • FIXED! Defense+ reports truncated function name for some hooks
  • FIXED! Cmdagent.exe consumes 100% memory when firefox.exe is run
  • FIXED! Windows gives unsigned driver alert while installing CIS firewall drivers
  • IMRPOVED! AV scanning takes long time while scanning certain files

Version 3.5.54375.427 : 29th Oct, 2008

  • FIXED! CFP.exe checks for subscription status every time it is started
  • FIXED! CFP.exe crashes when filename is clicked on popup windows

Version 3.5.53896.424 : 23rd Oct, 2008

  • NEW! COMODO Internet Security: Seamlessly integrated Firewall, Antivirus and HIPS products
  • IMPROVED! System Resource Usage is improved
  • IMPROVED! Default security policies are optimized to protect new COM interfaces/registry keys/files
  • IMPROVED! Summary section now has links to appropriate sections
  • FIXED! Wrong application name is detected by firewall
  • FIXED! Firewall blocks fragmented packets even if it is disabled
  • FIXED! There are many small fixes/improvements addressed in this release

Version : 30th May, 2008

  • Fixed! Windows Vista 64 UI Problems.
  • Fixed! SafeSurf crashes applications on x64 based operating systems.

Version : 24th May, 2008

  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall activation fails under some circumstances.

Version : 22nd May, 2008

  • NEW! COMODO SafeSurf Toolbar built on COMODO Memory Firewall technology.
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall does not add files from network shares to pending list.
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall does not log incoming ICMP packets properly.
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall blocks everything when password protection is OFF and suppress options are ON.
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall does not terminate active connections properly.
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall firewall driver can not be installed properly in Vista operating systems.
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall can be terminated when Windows XP is being shutdown.
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall GUI does not appear properly on Windows Vista operating systems
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall GUI can truncate texts in 120 DPI.
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall does not handle long filename properly.
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall does not update the version correctly after being updated.
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall crashes on exit.
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall can cause BSODs when gameprotect rootkit triggers its self defense.
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall can not verify digital signatures.
  • FIXED! Small problems in GUI.
  • IMPROVED! Clean PC Mode and Safe Mode: Improvements that lead to small number of alerts and pending files.
  • IMPROVED! Default Security policy so that Windows Updates do not lead to significant alerts.

Version : 18th April, 2008

  • FIXED! BUG causing D+ to allow file modification attempts although it is blocked under some circumstances.
  • IMPROVED! Reduced false positives for D+ keyboard access alerts.
  • IMPROVED! Removed false positives for D+ service control manager access for XP computers.
  • IMPROVED! Increased D+ ability to protect itself from already installed rootkits.

Version : 27th March, 2008

  • FIXED! CFP.exe could be terminated using EndTask API
  • FIXED! When the firewall alerts were disabled, all the traffic was blocked.


  • FIXED! Slow network performance under certain circumstances


  • FIXED! Bugs in D+ affecting CFP's ability to handle some events properly
  • FIXED! CFP freezes the computer in certain cases of network traffic
  • FIXED! CFP GUI slows down when some other software is installed
  • FIXED! CFP GUI fails to start when resource extraction fails
  • IMPROVED! The default configuration has been updated to protect more resources


  • FIXED! Import functionality does not work correctly
  • FIXED! Logging does not work for "Allow" rules
  • FIXED! Duplicate entries are created for some applications with 8.3 path names
  • FIXED! Logoff/Login stops the functionality of some applications
  • FIXED! Uninstaller does not work as expected


  • FIXED! Exceptions could not be added in protections window
  • FIXED! Ask rules do not work in firewall rules when there is an allow/block rule in the policy
  • FIXED! Windows Vista D+ protection was not properly working for pseudo-COM interfaces(e.g. DNS resolver or service control manager access)
  • FIXED! Updates are going to provide configuration migration wizard to make the old configurations compatible with the new one
  • FIXED! Windows Vista virus scanner does not run


  • NEW! Anti-Leak Configuration:
    - A new default configuration is introduced to make D+ show fewer number of popup alerts while still remaining leak proof.
  • NEW! On-Demand Virus Scanning:
    - CFP now provides an option to scan for viruses during the installation and from its graphical user interface
  • NEW! A-VSMART Warranty Program:
    - CFP now provides the users an option to enroll one of the available A-VSMART Warranty programs
  • IMPROVED! Self-Defense:
    - There has been various reports that CFP 3.0 is attacked by some malware to disable its protection.
    The self defense has been modified such that an ungraceful termination of CFP will block every unknown action (i.e. it will function as if "Block all unknown actions if the application is closed" option is selected. This option was not enabled by default).
  • IMPROVED! Default Configuration:
    - Default configuration now protects more registry keys and more COM interfaces.
    - Default Web Browser and FTP Client policies are modified to support passive FTP requests
  • IMPROVED! Handling of known code executing applications:
    - Defense+ has been modified such that some known code executing programs such as rundll32.exe or windows scripting host are not automatically trusted anymore.
  • IMPROVED! Pending Files:
    - Defense+ has been modified such that it is not going to report any pending files if it is not in clean PC mode.
  • FIXED! Bugs in Defense+ Engine:
    - Fixed numerous bugs that could stop Defense+ to properly handle the suspicious actions(e.g.bugs in registry and file protection, key logging etc).
    - Fixed the bug that could prevent CFP from functioning properly in certain types of hardware configurations(e.g. when a USB harddisk is present etc.).
  • FIXED! Minor Bugs in the Graphical User Interface


  • Fixed the bug causing Windows Updates to fail in Windows Vista
  • Fixed the bug causing Windows to show "Access Denied" message while deleting a folder


  • VPN Clients can now connect to VPN servers
  • cmdagent.exe no longer consumes 100% CPU
  • System reboot no longer takes too long when CFP is installed with some other security software, e.g. avast!
  • CFP can now find the application behind a connection (for example Kaspersky web scanner)
  • "System Idle Process" is now changed to "Windows Operating System" to describe application less traffic (So no more "System Idle Process" in CFP)
  • Internet Connection Sharing (ICS): CFP is now compatible with ICS servers (users will be required to answer some popup alerts)
  • System performance has been improved
  • Defense+ no longer allows some applications to modify a protected file if it is not allowed
  • Eliminated 8.3 path conversion and its associated duplicate entries/not remembering my answer problems (e.g. for BOClean or AVG)
  • If CFP.exe is active, trying to rerun cfp.exe will activate the currently active CFP.exe instance now
  • Accidental BLOCK/ALLOW for image execution popups are NOT remembered through out the application life time anymore (This means if an application is blocked/allowed from being executed without remembering, it will be asked again).
  • Default global rules for NON-P2P mode has now been changed to allow various incoming ICMP messages that affects windows updates and trace routing applications
  • New application signature database has been introduced; the size and format has been significantly changed to prevent false alerts from some AV programs
  • Crashes while opening help file from the GUI links have been eliminated
  • Crashes related to password protection dialog have also been eliminated
  • Introduced the defense against a new keylogging technique

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