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Trustix™ Spyware Killer FAQ

What is Trustix™ Spyware Killer
A fully functional spyware removal tool that performs deep scans of your hard drive, memory and registry to purge your system of privacy invading spyware.
What can Spyware Killer protect me from?
  • Keyloggers- As the name suggests, these programs record every keystroke the victim makes. This is one of the most sinister types of spyware as crucial information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers etc are vulnerable to theft.
  • Spyware/Adware- Programs that track your personal details and transmit them back to advertisers. This usually involves the tracking and sending of data and statistics via a server installed on the user's PC and the use of your Internet connection in the background.
  • Dialers- A program that (secretly) changes your dialup connection setting so that instead of calling your local internet provider, your Pc calls some very expensive 0900 or international phone number
  • BHO (Browser Helper Object)- A program that runs up every time you start up your internet browser. These parasite applications are used to monitor which adverts you see on the web and to track your surfing habits.
  • Browser Hijackers- Program that changes some settings in your browser.
    • Changing your "search" page to pass all searches to a certain pay-per-search site
    • Changing your default home page to the company page (most of often porn sites)
    • Transmitting URLs viewed toward the company server
Is Spyware legal?
Unfortunately it is!!
Most spyware infections come from shareware and freeware version of some of the most popular titles on today's market. Examples include P2P file sharing products such as Kazaa which uses spyware to collect information about you in order to build a marketing profile. This is then forwarded to advertisers who target you with adverts specifically aimed at the preferences you have revealed. The bad news is there are no laws against this type of advertising as of yet.
How do I make Trustix Spyware Killer detect the latest spyware?
Trustix Spyware Killer can automatically update the spyware definition, please see the user manual for details.
Sometimes, some programs are unavailable after the deletion of spyware how do I resolve this?
Trustix Spyware Killer provides a facility to restore spyware. Click 'View Additional Options' then 'Restore the deleted spyware'. The 'Restore spyware' window will appear. Select the deleted spyware and click the 'Restore' button to restore the deleted Spyware.
Will Trustix Spyware Killer stop viruses from getting to my machine?
No, most viruses arrive as email attachments so you cannot block the port you receive email on. (We recommend Trustix™ Antivirus for comprehensive virus protection)
Can I place an online order if I don't have or want to use credit card?
Yes. Please contact for options.
What should I do if I don't want to use my credit card via the Internet?
Please contact for options.
What is a license?
The license for this product is an X.509 standard certificate and chain, its content determines which of our Trustix products it is a license for.
Where do I install the license?
An Activation Code is sent by email, enter it at the initial window when Trustix Personal Firewall is started and select Activate.
How many licenses do I need for Trustix Spyware Killer?
Each computer with Spyware Killer installed requires a license. It is a breach of the license agreement to use a single version of Spyware Killer on multiple machines.
I lost/deleted my copy of Trustix Spyware Killer, how do I get another?
If you lose/delete your copy of Spyware Killer , you will need to download it again from the website:
Do I have to pay for the upgrades?
Maintenance upgrades to your Trustix Personal Firewall will be free. When a version upgrade is released (for example version 1 to version 2) you will need to purchase a new license.
Is technical support free?
Yes. Technical support is available free by emailing Please note that telephone support for technical questions is not available at this time.
I would like to speak to a Customer Sales Representative
For sales and non-technical questions please call:
(UK) +44 (0) 161 874 7070 (US) +1 800 772 5185 or email our sales department at this email address
How do I get the latest version of the software?
Trustix Personal Firewall is available from the website:
Do I have to restart my computer after installing or uninstalling Trustix Personal Firewall?
Yes, you will need to restart your computer for the installation/uninstall to be completed.
I get an error during installation saying it had an error downloading isscript.msi, what is this?
If you do not have the latest version of Install Shield components loaded on the machine that Trustix Personal Firewall will be installed on then the installation will need to connect to the Install Shield web site to download the required components.
How do I reinstall Trustix Personal Firewall?
First you will need to uninstall Trustix Personal Firewall using the installation program and restart your computer. Next, run the installation program again to install Trustix Personal Firewall. Remember to restart your computer again.
Do I need to uninstall the trial version and reinstall when I get my full license?
No, all features of Trustix Personal Firewall are in the trial version. Simply exit the program from the system tray, restart Trustix Personal Firewall and select Install License at the initial screen.
Will Trustix Personal Firewall affect my computer after uninstalling?
No. After you have rebooted your computer to complete the uninstall, the program will have no effect on computer operations.
What type of connections can Trustix Personal Firewall work on?
Trustix Personal Firewall can work on any type of Internet connection, dial-up, cable, DSL and any LAN connections with firewalls and proxies.
Can Trustix Personal Firewall protect a wireless network?
Yes. Trustix Personal Firewall works on both wired and wireless networks.
Why do I see a lot of activity alerts when I first use Trustix Personal Firewall?
The first time a programs attempts to access the network, you will be alerted via a pop-up box. This provides instant information as to the programs intentions (e.g. Remote IP address, Local Port) and offers you the chance to Pass or Block the connection. The program is then automatically entered into the 'Program Filter' list where you can further alter its access rights.
Can programs still access the internet after I have selected Net Lock?
Only the programs that have a tick in the 'Pass' privileges of the Net Lock box can still access the internet. This is located on the Program Filter.
Can I confidently leave my computer attached to the internet?
If you have to leave your computer for any reason, 'Net-Lock' can instantly stop all incoming and outgoing traffic. Only the programs you have specified as having 'Pass Lock' privilege will be able to accept internet traffic. (Useful for 'always on' connections)
What is Stealth Mode?
Stealth mode is a method of blocking communication from common ports and internet services. By clicking the 'Stealth Mode' button you will instantly render your computer invisible to the outside world. Stealthing ports provide an extremely high level of security as no reply is given to opportunistic port scans- meaning hackers will think your computer is offline and move on to other targets.
Can I change the setting of an application I have blocked from accessing the internet?
Yes, locate the program on the Program Filter tab and select the desired options.
How do I know whether to allow or block an application from accessing the internet?
If you do not recognise the program then we would recommend that you block it. If you later identify the application or realise that a program has stopped working because it is blocked you can change the setting for that application on the Program Filter tab.
Can I view information about specific programs?
To view a summary of application details (Name, Location, Version etc):
Select 'Network Status' tab and locate the program
Right click on its name in the 'Local Application/Port' column.
Can I instantly view application permissions and details?
To view a detailed summary of application permissions/ information:
Select 'Program Filter' and locate the specific application
Right click on its name in the 'Application' column
Why am I seeing Page Cannot Be Displayed?
This would indicate that either the website is not responding or a program has been set to 'Block' that should be set to either 'Ask' or 'Allow'. Blocking the program you are using to browse the internet will also result with this response.
How do I display my network status?
To display network status use the netstat command from a Windows command line.
For the options with this command type netstat /?
Can I monitor the active connections?
Clicking the 'Network Status' button provides you with a complete overview of all currently active connections. From this screen you can immediately grant or restrict applications access to the internet and close ports as you see fit - fine tuning your security policy.
Without the Trustix Personal Firewall window open at Network Status can I see that traffic is coming in and going out?
The flashing tray icon at the in the bottom right hand corner of your desktop provides real-time information about traffic moving in and out of your PC.
Green - Traffic is flowing out of your system
Red - Traffic is coming into your system
Can I quickly ban a website ?
Shortcut for blocking undesirable websites:
Click 'Network Status tab and find the name of the site you wish to block.
Right click its name in the 'Remote Address/Port' column
Select 'Add to banned sites'
Can I instantly deny Application access to specific sites?
If an Application is accessing an undesirable site, click the 'Shut' button at the end of the related row in the 'Program Filter' tab. The corresponding connection will then be closed. If you want to prohibit other applications from accessing this site, you can add it to the 'Banned Sites' list.
I do not see the Alert window when sites are blocked, but the system tray icon changes, why?
There is an option to display the Alert window, or not, in the 'Options' available under 'View Additional Options'
How do I stop annoying Pop-ups or Ads while browsing?
A single click of the 'Stop s' button will kill all pop-up adverts before they arrive on the /> If a legitimate site demands pop- ups (eg Internet Banking) then you can grant that URL 'Allowable pop-up' status (under 'View Additional Options')
I do not see the Alert window when a Pop-up is blocked, but the system tray icon changes, why?
There is an option to display the Alert window, or not, in the 'Options' available under 'View Additional Options'.
Will Trustix Personal Firewall stop viruses from getting to my machine?
No, most viruses arrive as email attachments, blocking the port you receive email on will result in no email getting to you.
Can I change the sound effect that accompanies the alert?
No, the sound effect is fixed.
How to uninstall Personal Firewall?
You can use the installation program to uninstall Trustix Personal Firewall. Remember to restart your computer after uninstall.
I have an application which has stopped working or is showing errors since installing Trustix Personal Firewall, how do I resolve this?
  1. You may see errors from some programs if you do not set the correct permissions for that application (see Program Filter).
  2. It may be that you have added the application to the blocked list (see Block a Site or Application).
  3. You may have Net Lock on, but the application is not set to pass Net Lock (see Net Lock and Program Filter)

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