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Testimonials for Comodo Firewall Pro

Dear Melih & Comodo Staff:
I can see from looking at these forums (mostly Comodo Firewall Pro) that:
1) You care deeply about internet security.
2) You truly care about your customers/users, their concerns and input.
3) You are very responsive to questions/problems.
4) You appear to produce excellent software, in terms of functionality and quality (did I forget to mention price?)


I have downloaded for the first time the firewall and I was really impressed by the clearness of the interface and the easiness of the commands. Furthermore, I have tested it 9TCP scan Udp, Trojans etc.and I can only congratulate all your team for the results. My computer showed invisible on all the tests. A big BRAVO to all the guys that worked to develop this firewall and keeping it FREE!!!

Jim Marcenaro

Well, I am now on my tenth firewall install. And I an glad to say that of all them, both free and paid, I like Comodo Firewall Pro the best at this time. ..The software offers features that are normally only found in commercial products. Plus it has an easy to use interface..I think this software is a keeper.


I really like the firewall software. It seems to work great.


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