What is a Firewall?

A firewall protects computers and devices against unauthorized access. It is a pre-defined rule-based security system that monitors and controls both incoming and outgoing network traffic.

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What is a Personal Firewall?

A personal firewall protects users from internet threats by implementing security policies that restrict network communications in and out of a computer. A personal firewall is extremely important for computers with a static IP address or one with a stable IP address, such as with cable modems or DSL.

For example, a Personal firewall is important when,

  • You surf the internet at home using an 'always on' broadband connection
  • You connect to the internet via a public WiFi network in a park, cafe or airport
  • You run a home network which needs to be kept isolated from the internet
  • You wish to be kept informed when any program on your computer attempts to connect to the internet

Most Personal Firewalls are highly configurable so you can easily create security policies to suit your individual needs.

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How does a firewall help out?

A good personal firewall will

  • Block all unauthorized inbound or outbound connection attempts on your computer
  • Allow you to specify exactly which programs are permitted to access the internet
  • Stealth the ports on your computer so hackers cannot locate and attack you
  • Let you specify parental controls to filter out inappropriate websites
  • Maintain detailed activity and connection logs so you can troubleshoot issues
  • Isolate your internet browser in a virtual container so online threats cannot access your private data

A personal firewall is an essential internet security tool - especially against 'Trojan Horse' programs which masquerade as benign while attempting to steal your confidential information behind your back.