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Comodo Internet Security
Comodo Firewall 10 Internet Security Pro 10


Security Pro 10

Intelligent antivirus & anti-malware Detects threats no one even heard of yet. yes yes
Home Network Security Scan your home network for weak spots. yes yes
Browser Cleanup Get rid of annoying browser add-ons. yes yes
Auto Sandbox Technology™ The sandbox is a virtual operating environment for untrusted programs. yes yes
Game Mode User's gaming experience such as alerts, virus database updates or scheduled scans.. yes yes
Silent Firewall Shield your computer from hackers. no yes
Anti-spam Keeping your inbox junk-free feels good. no yes
Spyware Scanning Spyware Scanner detects and cleans malware infections in PC. no yes
One-click virus scanning Make sure your PC is clean with one simple button click. no yes
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