Firewall for Windows 7

The Comodo Personal Firewall for Windows 7 is a rule-based security software that protects computers from malicious internet threats by monitoring inbound and outbound network communications. It stealths the computer/device's ports against hackers and blocks malicious software from transmitting confidential data over the Internet.

Personal Firewall Software

Personal Firewall Software keeps users updated on all suspicious files

Firewall Proactive Prevention

Personal Firewall is a proactive prevention-based technology for stopping viruses

Comodo Personal Firewall

Comodo Personal Firewall features automatic updates for the most current protection

Personal Firewall Alerts

Personal Firewall provides alerts when any program on the computer attempts to connect to the internet

A personal firewall plays a very important role in securing Windows 7 computers when they connect to the Internet. Windows 7
is a popular operating system, which is still being used despite Microsoft stopping support for the OS.

Comodo Firewall for Windows 7

The Need for Firewall for Windows 7

  • Windows 7 computers connect through cable modems or DSL to the Internet. These computers may have static IP address or a single stable IP address which increases risk.
  • Many users use an 'always on' broadband connection internet at home, which also increases risk.
  • Users may run a home network which has to be kept isolated from the internet.
  • The computer/device is used to connect to the internet via public WiFi.
  • Hackers try to stealthily enter the device through the computer/device ports.

Functions of firewall

Functions of a Personal Firewall

  • Monitors and blocks unauthorized inbound or outbound connection attempts
  • Allows specification of rules for allowing specific programs selective access the internet
  • Stealths ports on computer/device to prevent hackers from locating and attacking the device
  • Logs important processes such as activity and connection attempts that help track hacker attempts
  • Allows specification of parental controls to filter and block inappropriate websites
  • Isolates the internet browser in a virtual container to prevent online threats from accessing data
  • Protects against malware programs - such as 'Trojan Horse' programs

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