Features of Android Firewall

The Comodo Firewall for Android enables users to control – allow or block – specific apps on Android devices from connecting to the Internet. It helps control the data that the user desires to share and prevents access to the data that the user deems private and confidential. Firewall can block intrusion attempts by hackers.

The Android is a popular operating system used in smartphones and other mobile devices. With the advent of faster, cheaper and more economical internet connectivity, and BYOD, many users have moved considerable amount of work to their mobile devices. This has made them the preferred target for cyber criminals. Firewall has become a necessary part of any Android security suite.

Features of Firewall

  • Firewall for Android can block intrusion attempts by hackers
  • Firewall can control which apps are allowed to connect to the Internet.
  • It helps control or regain control of the data that the user desires to share
  • Firewall alerts users on suspicious files
  • It alerts when any program/application attempts to connect to the internet
  • Firewall is a part of the comprehensive COMODO Mobile Security (CMS) for protection of Android devices
  • CMS features Traffic Monitoring utility that helps monitor and control data usage
  • Firewall is a part of the CMS-Traffic Monitoring utility

Important Note: To enable Firewall for Android the device should be rooted. Rooting may invalidate the warranty of the Android device.

The Need for a Personal Firewall for Android

  • There are comparatively more attacks against Android OS than other operating systems
  • Hackers infiltrate Android devices to steal data or gain control of the device.
  • Android devices (smart phones) connect to the Internet. These devices may have single stable IP address or a static IP address – this increases risk.
  • As many users want to be always connected they keep the 'data connection' setting 'always on' – this also increases risk.
  • When apps are downloaded they ask for numerous permissions, which include sending of log data.
  • The data they collect may include personal, confidential and sensitive information.
  • Some apps send out data even without any granted permissions
  • Seemingly genuine apps may have malicious content that steal and send data
  • The Android device may be allowed access to the Enterprise network for accessing corporate data. This data must not be accessible by malicious apps
  • The device may be used to connect to the internet through public WiFi.

Functions of a Personal Firewall

  • All inbound or outbound connection attempts that are unauthorizedly made are monitored and blocked
  • Selective internet access: Rules are specified for allowing internet access for specific programs
  • Process logging: Critical processes – all critical connection attempts are logged so as to track attempts hackers
  • Secures Android devices when they connect to the Internet
  • Provides protection against 'Trojan Horse' programs

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