Features of a good firewall for Android

A lot of online resources will have you believe that Android doesn’t need a firewall. It is this ignorance that has seen some people lose valuable documents from their phones, get tracked, their online activities spied on, and receiving numerous ad popups. What these online resources fail to mention is that the world is changing, technology improving, and so are cybercriminals. They have taken advantage of the numerous Android users who don’t give a hoot about their internet security and boy are they reaping where they haven't sowed. It is therefore paramount to look for a good firewall for Android to ensure you're always protected because you never know. It might be you next. So what should you look for when shopping for an Android firewall?

i. Interactive easy to use interface

You want a firewall for Android that is easy to use. A few clicks and you're good to go. You don’t want a firewall that uses technical language, requires multiple steps to set it up, and certainly not one that doesn’t have a navigable GUI. Essentially, you should be able to configure the firewall to your specifications, adjust the protocols, and understand what it's doing even if you're not tech-savvy. Having a firewall that's hard to use is tantamount to having a bike that you can't ride.

Firewall for Android

ii. Light processing power

If the firewall for Android is going to drain your CPU power and leave it almost useless, then you might as well not have it to begin with. Your Android firewall should complement your phone. You should be able to continue using the phone normally without unnecessary baggage of hanging and such. A good firewall is integrated into the Android operating system and works seamlessly in the background without taking a toll on your work. It should be able to learn your behavior on your phone and tailor its activities accordingly. For instance, it should be able to learn when you're most active online and when you're asleep.

iii. Maximum protection

What good is a firewall for Android if it can't offer maximum protection? If you're still at high risk of being infiltrated by hackers even after installing a firewall, you are as good as not having it. This is especially the case with most free Android firewalls. They will promise heaven on earth only to deliver nothing of the sort. A good firewall for Android should not jeopardize your online security. It should offer all-round security 24/7 regardless of whether it's free or paid. Never settle for less. The only way to know this is by checking its suite of services and seeing what is provided as well as reading reviews.

iv. Affordable

Cheap is expensive. Would you rather have a free firewall for Android and still get attacked by viruses and malwares and cybercriminals or pay for itl and get maximum protection? I thought so too. However, you should never settle for exorbitant prices. Most unscrupulous Android Firewall software will lure you into installing the software for free then upsell you with other apps. If you see this, run. They're not genuine but only after the money. Instead, check for the price level of your firewall, see whether it's affordable and reasonable and check whether they offer other firewall services not in the package.

Comodo Firewall for Android

If you're looking for a state of the art Firewall for Android, then Comodo Firewall has got your back covered. This firewall comes with cutting edge technology guaranteeing you maximum protection. It has won multiple top awards at the AV-TEST 2019 awards for its high scores in usability and protection and comes with added functionality such as antivirus, antispyware, antiadware, rootkits, bots. For as low as $17.99 a year, enjoy maximum security 24/7 for both your Android devices and your computer.