Computer Firewall

Windows or any other operating system comes with its inbuilt computer firewall. And to say that the inbuilt firewall is not enough would be a lie especially for the light browsers. However, some attacks and privacy breaches are too complex for the inbuilt firewall to handle, and in such situations, having a third-party computer firewall will usually work the magic. Technically, once a third-party firewall software is installed, the inbuilt one becomes dormant or disabled. This is to avoid two similar softwares from performing essentially the same job.

However, a good third party computer firewall will offer more functionality and security than the inbuilt one adding more layers of protection to your device. In fact, most next-gen firewall softwares come with extra functionality such as antimalware, antivirus and rootkits, functions that were reserved for antimalware softwares. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a third-party computer firewall.

 Advantages of Computer Firewall

Advantages of Computer Firewall

1. Extra protection from cyber attacks

If you're a heavy browser who's always going to the dark spaces of the internet, then you're better off with an extra layer of protection. While the inbuilt firewall may detect some of the malwares and cyber-attacks launched on your device, the most sophisticated ones may pass by it especially if your computer firewall is not regularly updated. A good third-party software like Comodo Antivirus usually has regular updates of new firewall protocols making it always ready to deal with the most sophisticated new launched cyberattacks. This way, you're always safe from attack and data breaches from cybercriminals looking to mint off your personal information.

2. Easy configuration

The inbuilt computer firewall usually comes with default settings that are not expected to be changed by the user. This is to help them have a seamless experience without needing to worry about their firewall settings as navigating through this is usually hard for most users especially the non-techy type. However, this does not work well with people who like to have control over their firewall settings. For instance, firewall may block some important torrents that you need for a certain function and if you're unfamiliar with the inbuilt firewall navigation, then you'll be stuck. A third-party computer firewall like Comodo Firewall is very easy to use and configure and has won awards on that. Such a firewall will give you more functionality and flexibility when configuring it.

3. Identify and block malware

Gone are the days when all that Firewall softwares did was to filter packets of data entering and leaving a private network and blocking malicious data from transmiting through it. The next generation firewall software comes with extra functionality such as antivirus, rootkits, antimalware, antibots and much more to give you all-round protection. You now have a one-stop-shop for all your network protection needs. Fundamentally, this means that with a good third-party computer firewall, you won't need to buy extra protection softwares as they will come all under one roof. It is also advantageous as these functions are inbuilt into the firewall system meaning they work together as a unit and therefore enhancing your security.

4. Privacy

Privacy is very key to every network user. No one wants to feel like they're being watched, much so their private information being leaked to the public. While an inbuilt computer firewall will give you enough privacy, there's no telling when a massive complex attack will be launched and it fails to detect the breach. A third-party computer firewall will offer guarantee and warranty that in case your data is breached, they will compensate you for any damages. This is because they have regular updates of firewall protocols and always on the lookout for new attacks. They're therefore ahead one step than the attackers. This way, your privacy is guaranteed at all times.

5. Protection from viruses

As said, the new generation of firewall comes with extra functionality. Not only will it be able to detect Viruses at the point of entry into the network and block them, but it can also be able to identify viruses already in the system that are sending malicious information out of the network and alert the user. This way, your antivirus software's functions are supplemented by the computer firewall making your security even tighter.

Comodo Firewall

And when you need a state of the art third-party computer firewall and antivirus, then Comodo Firewall is your go-to software. It's a free firewall software with cutting edge technology. It has won multiple top awards at the AV-TEST 2019 awards for its high scores in usability and protection. Its added functionality such as antivirus, antispyware, antiadware, rootkits, bots, makes it a top-notch computer firewall software. You can have the free version or upgrade for as low as $29.99 a year and enjoy maximum security 24/7.