Android Firewall

A Android Firewall is a network security system that acts as a barrier and filters data passing through two communicating networks usually a private and a public network such as the internet. It does this by checking all data entering and leaving the network and using a set of predetermined rules and protocols to prevent malicious data or code from accessing the device.

Virtually every device that has access to the internet is susceptible to data breaches and attacks from cybercriminals. Your Android device is no different. Unscrupulous apps may get installed, malware may get into the system, and before you know it, you're exposed to cyber-attacks, hence the need for a firewall. What does it help with?

Android Firewall Advantages

Android Firewall

i.Enhanced Privacy

The internet is a public network. All sorts of information and data are passed through it with no limitation. If you're dealing with sensitive information on your phone, it can easily leak into the wrong hands especially when you don’t have an Android firewall to vet all outgoing traffic from your phone. For instance, some apps may disguise themselves only to be Trojan horses that will scrape through your phone for sensitive information that may be used against you. A firewall acts as a wall through which all incoming and outgoing traffic is checked. This way, any unauthorized information is blocked and you're alerted of the impending attack.

ii. Protection from Cyberattacks

With the advancement in technology and the utilization of big data and AI in providing solutions, cyber-attacks have become more rampant and equally advanced. Gone are the days where you had to open an email in order to get attacked. Nowadays, the mere access of the internet puts you at risk of being attacked.

Cybercriminals now possess advanced knowledge making it easier to attack you without your knowledge. For instance, your online transactions can be tracked and you can get defrauded if you're not protected by a firewall. This makes it absolutely necessary to install a reputable Android firewall to protect your online activities from cybercriminals. You know what they say? Prevention is better than cure. Don’t wait until it's too late.

iii. Prevention of Malware

Malware are programs or apps whose intention is to perform functions contrary to what they purport to do or what the system requires them to do. For instance, spyware is a type of malware that tracks all your activities online and sends such data to criminals and other people through the black market or other channels. Your information gets to be used for advertisements to make you buy items by learning your personality. The disadvantage is that you do not have control over what is being viewed and much less know to whom it's being transmitted.

Your phone can also get infected with an adware, which is a type of malware that infects your phone and keeps showing you ads every time. The creators of such malware benefit from sharing your info and getting paid for it when you act on those ads. Other times, your phone can just stop working when overwhelmed by this malware necessitating the need for a new phone or expensive repairs. Avoid all these inconveniences by installing an Android Firewall that easily alerts you when malware tries to send out unauthorized information or being installed in the first place.

iv. Enhanced scrutiny of incoming traffic

When you're accessing the internet or any network for that matter, you send out packets of data and receive back requested data. In this process, some data packets from unauthorized networks or devices may sneak into your phone or get sent out without your authorization. If you're using a private network, an unauthorized device may access your private network and begin scraping for information. Android Firewall acts as a barrier for outside networks and devices to prevent them from accessing your device without your knowledge. This way, you have complete control over who has access to your device and network.

v.Blocking viruses

Viruses are special types of codes created to perform specific functions within the device and which can replicate themselves. Viruses can easily corrupt the system or cause malfunctioning and other types of problems. Just like Malware, the firewall has a set of predefined rules that allow it to identify such types of codes before they access the device's operating system. The Android firewall, therefore, acts as a shield against unwanted or unauthorized access to your device's operating system.

Comodo Android Firewall

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