Block Program in Firewall

Windows firewall, or most firewalls for that matter, comes with extensive security measures. These measures are not to make your life difficult but to ensure your internet security is not jeopardized in any away. They, therefore, provide high-level protection from intrusion and other malware. There are, however, certain situations when you might want to configure your firewall to prevent programs considered safe by the firewall from accessing your network. In such scenarios, it becomes necessary to learn how to block program in firewall to ensure it doesn’t interfere with your online activities.

For example, some programs rely heavily on the internet and download massive data in the background without your knowledge. When using a limited data plan, you might want to limit such apps from accessing the internet. In such a scenario, you'll have to block it in firewall provided that blocking it won't interfere with the overall functionality of your device.

Another example would be when you want your child to play a game on the computer but do not want them having access to other online features that you do not have control over. To that end, here is a simple step by step guide on how to block program in firewall for Windows 10. If you have other versions of Windows 10, the procedure is more or less the same.

Block Program in Firewall

How to Block Program in Firewall?

1. Go to Control Panel. On the control panel, select system security and then the Windows Firewall. Click on the Advanced Settings link. A new window will pop up known as Windows Firewall with Advanced Settings.

windows firewall advanced settings

2. Select Outbound rules on the left side of the pane.

3. Once the new Outbound Rules pane opens, select New Rule on the right side.

4. Ensure that the Program option is selected in the Outbound Rules Wizard and click Next.

choose rule type

5. On the program screen, type the path of the program you want to block. If you decide to browse the program path, Windows will by default use environmental variables which are enclosed by percentage signs. Replace those with the actual path. E.g.

choose program type

Instead of %userprofile%, you should replace it with C:\Users\John\ (or whatever the name of the user account of the computer.

6. Once you’ve selected the program and its path, click Next.

7. On the next page, select only the "Block the Connection" option.

8. You will then be asked to select when the rule applies to the next page. (Domain, public, or private.) If you're in doubt about which type of network to block the connection, select all of them.

9. You then have to name your rule. You can name it describing the program you’ve blocked for easier retrieval in the future when you want to unblock it. The rule will now appear in the Outbound Rules. You can then go ahead to test the rule and see whether the program has been blocked from accessing the internet.

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