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Comodo Firewall is your first step in keeping hackers, viruses, and malware out of your PC.

Featuring Default Deny Protection™, our Firewall checks an extensive list of over two million known PC-friendly applications. If it's not there, Comodo Firewall lets you know before opening your PC's door.

Firewall Features:
  • Keeps you updated on all suspicious files
  • Prevention-based technology stops viruses
  • Default Deny Protection™ so only safe files execute
  • Easily learns your PC habits for personalized alerts
  • Automatic updates for the most current protection

Comodo Antivirus software eliminates all known viruses, worms and Trojans from PCs and networks.

A Firewall provides basic defense for your PC. But what about malware that's already found its way inside, or a tricky viral program you've allowed to execute? Comodo Antivirus is your weapon against any PC invaders.

Antivirus Features:
  • Detects, blocks, and destroys viruses
  • Isolates suspicious files in quarantine
  • Constantly protects with real-time On Access scanning
  • Built-in scheduler plans future automated scans
  • Daily, automatic updates of virus definitions

Here at Comodo, we believe that malware infection should be prevented, not just detected after the fact.

Other PC safety products put their focus on the detection of malware and viruses that have already entered your PC. Of course, by that point, it may be too late! With Default Deny Protection™, prevention comes first.

What makes Comodo's security proactive?

Default Deny Protection™ grants your PC access to an exclusive "safe-list" of over two million known PC-friendly applications. If a file that isn’t listed on our safe-list knocks on your computer’s door, Pro evaluates it and lets you, the user, know that malware may be afoot.

Auto Sandbox Technology™ tests programs in a virtual operating environment ensuring viruses & other malicious software are isolated from the rest of your computer.

Included in this package is Live Expert Virus Removal, a real-life PC security expert ready to diagnose and remove viruses.

With just the click of a button, our highly trained experts can log in to your PC and remotely diagnose and remove viruses. Best of all, users can just sit back and watch. Let our experts do all of the work.

The highest level of protection possible:
  • Virus Diagnosis
  • Virus Removal
  • Software installation
  • Software configuration

Get the highest level of security with the advanced features in Internet Security Pro 10.

Internet Security Pro 10

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Internet Security Pro 10

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