Firewall Protection for Android

Yes, absolutely, although not to the same extent as your PC. Android is built differently than your computer. But in the same spirit, so is the Android firewall. Ideally, firewall protection for Android should be a priority for every Android user. Why? Android is used by almost 80% of all smartphone users. This makes it an attractive domain for cyber attackers. And boy is there a lot to gain when they gain access into your phone.

Avoiding the inconveniences and troubles brought when your phone is infiltrated should become a priority for everyone. For one, Android doesn’t come with an inbuilt firewall, unlike Windows. And while most people do not find a reason to install a firewall software for their phone, cyber attackers and criminals have invested massively in the recent years to launch attackers on unsuspecting users. I need not tell you that having an extra layer of security like firewall protection for Android should be a priority. What does it do really?

Firewall protection for Android

Android Firewall Benefits

i. Enhancing privacy

Firewall is software that filters all information entering and leaving your phone. It does this by using a set of instructions and protocols programmed to tell it what packets of data appear to be safe and which one do not. It also checks the patterns of data transmission from installed apps and identifies ones that raise suspicions.

Cybercriminals can easily gain access to your phone if you do not have any firewall protection for Android. When browsing the internet, which is a public network, your phone's information is made public. This can easily be accessed and even used to track your actions online. When you install unscrupulous apps from the internet, they may gain access to your files and data in your mobile and transmit it out. However, with good firewall protection, such information will be stopped at the point of exit preventing it from landing on the wrong hands.

ii. Protection from malware

Malware are programs that get installed into your mobile and perform functions contrary to what the phone expects them to. Malware are harmful not only to your phone but also to your own wellbeing. There are different types of malware including spyware, adware, rootkits, etc. These can easily be controlled remotely and used to dig out whatever information is needed without your knowledge. For instance, they can gain access to your online activities, they can be used to monitor your actions by accessing your camera, track you with GPS, and much more. Malware also take a toll on the phone's functionality. Your battery gets drained too quickly, the CPU becomes burdened and slower, all of which will eventually necessitate the need for a new phone. Firewall is able to track malicious data and identify the app that's causing such breaches. The user gets informed and such apps and programs get removed.

iii. Protection from cyber attacks

Cyber-attacks have been on the rise recently. We've heard cases where information has been leaked and caused massive damages. The advancement in technology has made this possible for cybercriminals, and there's no telling when it will come to an end. If you deal with crucial information that might be valuable to some people, it only makes sense to have firewall protection for Android. Cybercriminals will scrape off your phone for any information that can be used against you and then demand for ransoms and other blackmails to get what they want. And you know what they say? Prevention is better than cure. Don’t be a victim.

iv. Blocks viruses

The internet is a dangerous place. There are as many good materials as there are bad ones. And as a non-techy person, it's very hard to distinguish what type of code or program is good and which one is malicious. And while having an antivirus can easily help prevent the installation of viruses, firewall protection for Android is an added advantage. It helps identify viruses at the point of entry. This means even before the virus has access to the device, it will be blocked from access the device. And if it misses, well, you have the antivirus.

Comodo Firewall Software

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