Next Generation Firewall - NGFW

Since its inception, firewall has been an integral part when it comes to online security. Its ability to prevent access to private networks from suspicious sources or unauthorized devices has contributed to the growth of the internet allowing businesses and individuals to utilize it peacefully without the worry of breaches and cyber-attacks.

Firewall, just like any other aspect of the digital revolution, has evolved since its first day. The new generation firewall is a more enhanced online security firmware with extra functionalities not offered by the traditional firewall. Initially, the firewall was used as a filter for packets of data accessing a private network. However, when such malicious programs gain access to your devices, you needed extra applications beyond firewall to get rid of them. Furthermore, if unauthorized access happened below layers 4-7, you are guaranteed that your traditional firewall will not be able to identify and scrutinize such data. In comes the next generation firewall (NGFW) to deal with these new challenges. What makes it different from traditional firewall?

Next Generation Firewall

NGFW Filters incoming and outgoing traffic

You can think of firewall as a filter. It filters packets of data that come in and out of your device into the public network. For this filter to work, it should be able to identify safe data from the unsafe one and alienate it and block it from going further. To do this, it uses a set of instructions or protocols programmed into it that tell it what to look for when data is being transmitted. Patterns that appear malicious, evil, or unsafe are flagged off immediately before accessing your device and blocked from being transmitted.

Features of Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)

1. NGFW offer deep packet inspection

With stateless inspection, traditional firewall was only able to offer inspection up to the fourth layer in the network. This means it's only able to filter packets of data at the point of entry using a set of protocols that tell it what type of data to let in and what to block. To that end, packets of data that are hidden within deeper layers will easily gain access without being blocked.

NGFW is able to go deeper up to layer 7 with stateful inspection. Essentially, the NGFW not only filters packets of data entering the network, it also checks every port within the network, all sources, offers intrusion protection system, identity awareness, and the ability to utilize external intelligence sources. As such, you're guaranteed maximum security.

2. NGFW offer more functions than just packet filtering

NGFW comes with extra functionality apart from packet filtering and protection from intrusion. It has integrated programs such as antimalware, antiviruses, rootkits, antibots, and much more to act as a one-stop-shop for all your online security needs. Traditional firewall only focuses on the movement of data between networks, and once a breach is carried out, it's beyond its scope. Having integrated security programs within the firewall also help reduce the CPU needed to run the firewall as compared to installing each program separately in the device.

3. NGFW offers strong encryption at web layer

Another difference to help understand next generation firewall is that NGFW has the ability to encrypt data at the web layer giving you more anonymity in the online world than traditional firewall. This anonymity allows your clients to communicate with the server anonymously preventing attackers from identifying them and launching attacks. This gives you an extra layer of security to prevent intrusion.

4. NGFW is more cost effective

Granted, the initial cost of NGFW may appear to be higher than traditional firewall. However, in the long-run, traditional firewall is more expensive. For one, you'll have to install individual applications to deal with each set of security challenges. This means paying more in total. NGFW comes integrated with all these extra programs allowing you to save. Furthermore, some NGFW offers these programs free of charge as long as you buy the firewall upfront. It, therefore, makes sense to start enjoying maximum online security at a subsidized rate.

Comodo Next Generation Firewall

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