Computer Firewall

Computer firewall is a system firmware that's integrated into the private network to act as a filter between the private network and the public network, usually the internet. Basically, it uses a set of instructions and protocols that guides it on what packets of data should access the private network and which ones should be allowed to leave it. In most instances, these sets of instructions come as default but the user can always alter them to make them suit their needs.

Ideally, in a perfectly secure world, there would be no need for a firewall to prevent data breaches. However, owing to the fact that criminals are always looking for new ways to reap where they haven't sowed, it becomes necessary to safeguard your online security using a reputable firmware such as a firewall.

Computer firewall can exist in two basic forms. As software and as hardware. A firewall software is a program installed in a computer to assess every packet of data entering and leaving the device. A hardware firewall, on the other hand, is a physical device installed and connected to the private network framework through which all data entering or leaving the private network must pass through. In the process, it gets to scrutinize all the data and prevent malicious ones from being released.

Computer Firewall

What is a Computer Firewall?

So to answer the simple question "what is firewall in computer," it's a software installed in a computer that acts as a filter. It filters the data packets entering and leaving the computer and this is made possible by a set of instructions and protocols that tell it what data to allow and which ones to block out. It observes patterns that appear malicious and flags them off preventing further transmission. More advanced firewall notifies the user of the impending breach to allow them to take necessary actions. Most firewall softwares have a default set of protocols. However, if you'd like more control over what you can permit to access your server owing to the nature of your online activities, then you can easily configure your own protocols.

Identifies and Prevents malicious access of computer

Firewall in a computer acts as a barrier between the computer and the public internet. As such, any malicious attempts by cybercriminals or any institution looking to scrape off information from your computer without authorization is denied access. This essentially means that no external device can access your computer and retrieve information without authorization thereby enhancing your online security.

Prevents malware installation

If you're still wondering what is firewall in computer, you can define it as a software application that helps detect and prevent malware installation in the computer. Malware are computer programs that do not act as expected or cause malfunctions to the computer. Generally, malware detection and prevention is left for antimalware software. However, a good firewall software is able to detect malware even before it gains access to the computer. Once identified, it will notify the user of an impending malware after which the user can conduct a scan with an antimalware to get rid of the code.

Enhances privacy

A computer firewall is designed to prevent any untrustworthy sources from gaining access into your computer and retrieving any identifying information. Such information includes your passwords, your bank details, government information, and much more. This information can be used to extort ransoms from you, steal your identity, siphon money from your bank accounts and much more. Firewall is able to detect such data at the point of exit, block it, and raise an alarm. You're therefore protected from losing important private material to the public.

Protection from cyber attacks

Cyber-attacks are online maneuvers directed at innocent internet users to exploit their information or extract crucial data from their devices without their knowledge remotely. This data is then used to exploit them by blackmailing them, requesting for ransoms, or even selling such information to interested parties. From this perspective, the question "what is firewall in computer," is easily answered as a firmware used to protect internet users from cyber-attacks.

Comodo Firewall

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