Windows 10 Firewall

After complaints of Windows 7 and earlier versions coming with a separate firewall software that had to be installed later and managed separately, Windows 8 and later versions came with an inbuilt firewall. This inbuilt firewall has proven to be more agile and extensive with its ease of use and functionality for most PC users. Fundamentally, a simple light browser using Windows 10 doesn’t have to worry about their internet security especially if they do not visit unscrupulous sites. It, therefore, makes sense to rely solely on Windows Firewall for all their firewall needs. To that end, Windows 10 firewall comes with its own set of advantages compared to earlier versions. Here are some for instance.

Advantages of Using Windows 10 Firewall

Windows 10 Firewall

i. Works seamlessly with your computer

Being inbuilt into the Windows operating system, the Windows 10 firewall consumes less CPU power, memory and battery as its code is aligned to that of the operating system. This way, it operates seamlessly in the background while allowing the user to perform other functions without interfering. Consequently, the user is given much more flexibility and freedom as they access their network without worrying about how the firewall is performing. Additionally, being inbuilt into the OS allows the Windows 10 firewall to learn the user's behavior and know how to perform certain security checks. It, therefore, tailors its protection functionality to the users' actions offering them a more seamless security option than third-party firewall software.

ii. Offers enough security

For a light browser using Windows 10 firewall, you're guaranteed maximum security as this firewall is built to detect any malwares and cyberattacks at a smaller scale. It does this effectively owing to the fact that Windows has integrated all its understanding of attacks and viruses from previous versions into the latest version giving you maximum protection. Furthermore, the Windows Defender is upgraded on a regular basis in the background giving it latest definitions of firewall protocols and virus definitions. This also helps prevent loss of data and privacy breaches that could happen due to technical glitches on your computer. As if that's not enough, the Windows 10 Firewall is a lifetime product with no upfront cost apart from the initial cost of the Windows Operating system.

iii. No pop-ups

Most of the third-party firewall softwares come with the promise of offering you protection "free of charge." Unbeknownst to many is that these softwares utilize adverts to upsell their users. Furthermore, these annoying ad pop-ups just show up any time even in the middle of your work blocking your view and stopping your activities. Windows 10 firewall has no such nuisance. In fact, once your computer has Windows 10, you will never need to check the Windows Defender unless you're a heavy browser and would like to configure some things to suit your online activities. Otherwise, you're guaranteed a simple ad-free software that runs in the background.

iv. Easy to use

Unlike most proprietary firewall softwares, Windows 10 firewall is very easy to use and configure. And even when you're unsure of how to configure it, the firewall software comes with default settings that do not even need to be changed. They offer maximum security just as they are. This makes it easy for most non-techy users to operate as they do not have to worry about the firewall activities. You're guaranteed maximum protection 24/7.

Comodo Firewall

However, should you feel that your online activities put you at risk of being attacked by cybercriminals or crucial information leaking to the wrong hands, then Comodo Firewall should be your go-to additional firewall software for Windows 10. Comodo is a free firewall software with cutting edge technology that has seen it gain top awards at the AV-TEST 2019 awards for its high scores in usability and protection. With added functionality such as antivirus, antispyware, antiadware, rootkits, bots, you're guaranteed extra security on top of your Windows 10 firewall. You can have the free version or upgrade for as low as $29.99 a year and never have to worry about your internet security ever again.